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Complete NOUN 2018 Graduation List Is Out: Check Your Name Here

Complete NOUN 2018 Graduation List Is Out: Check Your Name Here

The National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) has released the graduation list for the year 2018 Session.

Please note, this is the first batch graduation list, more list would still come out before convocation.

Click on the below link to check your name.











Always check this page for more graduation list. . . . 

Complete NOUN 2017 Graduation List


    1. please I’m not close to my study centre at all …… please kindly direct me on how to get the july 17th graduating list for faculty of education.


  1. I am a graduating student of BSc physics department. I received an email with the message ‘congratulation, you made it. New graduation list is out. Check your name and that of a friend’ But I checked the list for science my name isn’t on it. I started as DE with HND, and I have done more than 120units.i have colleagues in the office that started as DE and rounded off last year but no result till now. Please tell me, is it that DE students don’t graduate from noun? What should I done to be done with this noun.

  2. Good day sir, I received a mail say, ” you made it, congratulations, but till now I’ve not seen any list from faculty of education and the results I complained about are not out what should I do.

  3. Good day sir, I received a mail saying congratulations you made it, but I’ve not seen list for faculty of education. My name is Udohaya Nsemeke Ubon matric number is thank you

  4. Sir ,Pls i finished since 2016 my project is not yet out i Went to my study center to lay complain severally they will ask me to write of which have written more than ten times now pls can you advice me on the step to take.thanks

    1. Your study centre counselors are in the best position to advise you on what to do.

      You can visit the headquarters if you’re leaving close to Abuja. or You Re-submit the project.

  5. Good day sir, I received an e-mail Congratulation me that I have it, but the list of the faculty of education is not on net. What should be the next step?

  6. Sir, my name is Joseph Oreh from portharcourt center, management science. We finished 2016 and all my results are out but till date non of our names is among the graduating list. Especially entrepreneur & business management students. Wat are we supposed to do?

  7. I am a student of MSc. Business Administration my is not on the list are we expecting more lists because I submitted my project work and scores since February this year. Thank you for your assistance

  8. Kindly release that of faculty of education please. I am a pioneer student. Mine is long overdue.

  9. I also received the message but faculty of arts is not out yet. how am I sure am graduating and when is the convocation going to be.
    I finished since 2016 and up til now nothing about graduation I can’t even access my portal anymore. am suberu moses Omeiza. nou110476200

  10. Am an old student since 2007 I have submitted my project up to 4times and I have not seen my result.I don’t know why. Faulty of Art don’t want to realise graduation list.

    1. Greetings my brother, I advise you report to your study center, similar thing happened to me without knowing my center Dump my project one side, until I took an action before it was properly submitted!

  11. Am an old student since 2007 I have submitted my project up to 4times and I have not seen my result.I don’t know why. Faulty of Art don’t want to realise graduation list

  12. good day sir, I have submitted my project up to four times since June 2017 and it has not reflected on my portal talk more of being on the graduating list besides faculty of art is missing on the list what can I do?

    1. Your name cannot come out on graduation list if you have not seen your project result. . .

      I will advise you to resubmit the project and wait for this semester result, you can also report the problem in your portal

      1. Please i havnt seen any list for faculty of science. Owerri study centre Envirommental science and Resource Mgt.

  13. I submitted my SIWES report and project December 2017, the project result is out but the SIWES is not out. I have been to the centre to complain, they insisted they submitted it. Recently they said it was submitted March this year. I don’t know how correct is that because there was no proof that is was submitted. I don’t want this to delay my graduation. Most of the problem students are facing is caused at the centre. Please what should I do.

    1. If your Study centre said they have re-submitted the SIEWES Report, you should wait for this semester result to come out.
      You can also report the issue in your portal.

      1. I have reported it in my portal but there is no response. I don’t just know what to do. It is important to be sure it was submitted so that it will not delay my graduation. Is there anyway I can contact SIWES Directorate or any other office that may be of assistance. Please, I would love to speak to you directly. Is it posiible?

  14. Has Council of Legal Education agreed to release law school forms for NOUN law graduates in forth-coming October 2018 enrollment.

  15. Have finished my course and project since January 2017 and my name was omitted from 2017 graduation list and this recent one. I started from 200L and i have met graduation requirement. Please is there any help you can do for me.

    I will really appreciate

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