NOUN Releases 2018 Academic Calendar – Download It Here

The National Open University Of Nigeria(NOUN) has released the year 2018 academic calendar.

According to the calendar:-

POP Examination begins on 23rd  January 2018

POP Examination ends on 13th February 2018

e-Examination begins on 20th February 2018

Submission of TMA ends on 28th February 2018

New Registration of Courses/Examinations begin on 19th March 2018

Release of Results on 30th March 2018

Registration of Courses/Examinations end on 18th April 2018

e-Examination ends on 16th March 2018

IT/SIWES supervision on 3rd  May – 2nd  June 2018

Matriculation Ceremony in May 2018

Click on the link below to download the complete NOUN 2018 Academic calendarDOWNLOAD


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  1. I am a prospective student when will registration commence for this year academic session, I am applying for 200level. And pls admin I will like to get a follow up from u so as to help as a guide, thanks in anticipation.

  2. Update on graduation, as in certificate. Those that have not graduated that ought to convocate last January, any updates for them? What should dey do

  3. Good morning Mr gbega,
    please is it posible for someone with ond in estate management to apply for direct entry economic? Or what kind of advice do you have for the person?

    Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.

    Many Thanks.

  4. Hi gbenga, please I bought form since January but til now I was unable to verify the unique Id and RRR number. ( No response from remita yet) that was response i got. Please what is going on?

  5. Hello mr Gbenga, i submitted my documents for phd. Pls i will like to know what next, like how long it takes for interview or to know if the project topic is not accepted will one be rejected or told to write anothwr project topic

  6. Hello mr Gbenga, i submitted my documents for phd. Pls i will like to know what next, like how long it takes for interview or to know if the project proposal c is not accepted will one be rejected or told to write another project proposal

  7. hi, i obtained NOUN registration form last year december i just want to confirm if the registration is still valid for 2010/2019 session

  8. hlo Mr gbenga I’m done with my registration nd I was told to go to my centre for screening,wah I’m hearing nw is dat screening will commence on the 19 of March hw s dat try

    1. Yes Sir, Screening will commence on the 19 of March.
      You should go to the study centre you choose during registration for your screening.

  9. Hello Mr Gbenga ,I am one of d returning student since 2012(200level)l wants to continue frm where I stopped,pls what is d next step to re-register?

  10. Hello Mr Gbenga, the screening that will commence on the 19th when will it end because I’m just hearing it now. I have been asking question since no response from anyone.

  11. Mr Gbenga i did my registration last year, please is my admission still valid and more so i haven’t been given matric number since i have done screening. Please i will like to go there by 27th of march ?

  12. Please I have PGD in Business Administration. I want to apply for MSc in the same course, but the Accreditation is a hindrance. Which course can you advice to apply.

  13. Hello Mr Gbenga,
    I have applied for the M.Sc in Business administration today, please when will the admission letter be issued and how do I go about the registration process?

  14. please sir can I still purchase the form next week and when is the session starting?am coming in for public health(200levl)

  15. Please sir, I am studying BNSc in NOUN. Where will I check all the courses am supposed to do/ register throughout the course of my study? Thanks.

  16. Sir, supposing you don’t have a Facebook account. Is there no other means to get announcements from NOUN?

  17. Please, I am a prospective student of this institution and I would like to know if registration for new students is still on-going and when it will end.
    Secondly, I would like to know the tuition fees for new and current students.
    Thirdly, what is mode of taking semester examinations in NOUN?
    Lastly, will students receive a face to face lecture during their study period?

    Thanks in anticipation for your response

    1. 1. Registration for new students is still going on, registration will close on 18th of April. . .see how to apply here

      2. Check NOUN school fee here

      3. You would take exam at your study centre

      4. NOUN doesn’t give lecture, but you can attend private lectures organized by private individuals

      Hope i have answered all your questions

  18. Hello Mr Gbenga, pls when can I register for a new semester as a masters student because, I am not sure if I can make the payment deadline of 19/04/18. And, I need clarification on compulsory payments which is 35,000 for new student but after I got my matric no I was told I must pay 75,000 before I can register my courses.

    1. Registration will not close on the 19th stated on academic calendar. .
      Compulsory feel is 35k, course and exam registration are what sum it up to 75k

      Exam Registration is 2k per course for masters
      Course registration is #2500 per course

      Hope i have answered your question?

    1. According to NOUN academic calendar, registration will close on the 18th of this month…But am very sure they would extend it.

    1. Yes, You will pay for course and exam registration.

      Course registration is #2000 for 2unit course, #2,500 for 3units course. Exam Registration is 1k per course.

  19. Pls sir I mistakenly registered 3 elective subject today,I want drop it to register core subject,pls what can I do?

  20. Good day Mr Gbenga, please when is the next semester registration commencing? Sir, I deferred my admission in the year 2011 while I was in 300L due to a fatal accident I had. 2012, I sent my brother to help and registered some courses for exam thinking that I would have been okay and discharged from the hospital but I was been referred from one hospital to the other for two years. and ever since have not been financially buoyant. can I still continue from where I stopped and the courses have registered for, are they still intact?please very urgent Sir.

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