NOUN 2017 Graduation List Is Out: Check Your Name Here


The National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) has released the graduation list for the year 2017 Session.

Click on the below link to check your name.













Other faculties will be uploaded soon!!!!





  1. I have completed my programme for almost a year now but my name was not included in the graduating list. I don’t what to do, pls help me, all my friends are graduate am the only one who is not, sometimes I feel like It was a waste of time going to noun. How I wise I can’t express what I feel now, I just pray it was not a mistake going to noun.

  2. Noun, I hope somebody takes this up and contact this guy. For all we know, the omission may just be a human error. And pls don’t ask him to go from office to office to get the issue resolved. That would be more frustrating.

  3. PLS I need advice and clarification, I’m a student of noun running a PhD public admin. I’ve passed all my courses, met all academic requirements as stated (like passing core courses, research project and also methodology, good study guide etc), my recent result released shows a CGDP of 3.77 (this is without my project result) but unfortunately I couldn’t found my name in the just released list. I appeal to those with idea to enlighten me on what to do. Thanks

  4. My name is Adetayo Roseline Oludayo, I am in the Faculty of Education, Department of Business Education. I ought to have graduated since last year but my name was not there. Another list is out now for graduation and my name is not there. Please, help me out what can i do, where do i go, and whom do i see.

      1. i have been to my study centre in Osogbo and submitted my complaints letter of my missing results many times since last year. Out of 7 courses that were missed then, only three were released. Among the four courses remain is my first Teaching Practice result. I did my first teaching practice since 2015 and the two supervisors came to check me but till now the result has not been released. Even the second one i did, the result has been out. I went to the centre and they told me no problem that the result will be released, and this is how i am since 2016. Please sir, what else can I do, I need your help.

        1. @Roseline, There’s nothing i can do to help, but try and re-write those missing results and go back to your study centre and disturb them. . .

    1. Roseline Make sure you don’t have any outstanding core course and also check if all your results are out. That is all.

  5. Please sir, the were some changes in portal when community health ,was charged to public health, chs 318 and 320 change to PHS 318 and 320 but the former one and the new ones,and the score are still in our portal s this drop down our CGPC,the study centre said is no their work

  6. My name is Anthony I finished last year and my name is not still out what is going on. Can I just get statement of result at least to use and upgrade my self in d office because after did time d next upgrading will be in two years time

  7. pls help me, my name is nt in the graduating list and i don,t know why. all my friends that are my course mate all appeared on the list and i’m surprised.

  8. Hi Mr Gbenga,
    I am a PGD student in Bus Administration. I had a carry over in MGS 714 (principles of management) but my CGPA is 3.96 without project. Càn I graduate without re- seating for this mgs714?

  9. Hello Gbenga,
    Please due to human error and migration from one system to another, my name was ommitted in the 2015 graduation list after all clearance. Now in 2017, my name is include, how do I get my certificate to read 2015 again.
    Any form of advise will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

  10. When is the next graduating list coming out? i finished last year and my project is out, i don’t have carry over and my name not in the list, please.

  11. Good evening, my name is Ronke. I need clarification when we should be expecting Graduating list for faculty of science. My study centre is Sango Ibadan . I finished last year and my project is out with my result.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you Sir,

      Please i am post graduate student, Faculty of science – Information Technology – Ibadan centre.

      I believe next graduate list will cover for post graduate student also, last year.

  12. Hello Mr. Gbenga. Thank you for the good work of enlightenment on the issues of NOUN. Pls, I want to know if those who submitted their project around 20th November, 2017 can still make the next batch of graduating list for the forthcoming graduation?

  13. Pls, when was the deadline for submission of project in order to meet up with this graduation. This is for me to know maybe I should still be expecting if my name will come out in the subsequent batch?

  14. Hello! Please my name is Mustapha Oluwaseun Hammed and i study computer science in Abeokuta Study Centre. I have done all core courses and my Project result is out as well but I.T result is yet to be released and besides, 15000 was returned to the portal for “God knows what”. Also, please when will science list be released?

  15. Good afternoon Mr. Gbenga, please I finished pgd information technology last year but faculty of science graduation list is not out yet. I want to proceed for my master how can I achieve this. Is it possible to get to whom for my result in order to process my master program.

  16. Good afternoon mr Gbenga. I was meant to graduate at last convocation but due to error from the school i didnt graduate. But now the error is solved after series of letter sent to them, but my fears is that during my set cit 449 Operation research was an elective course, which we didt register for. All my mates graduated expect does of us that had issues with the the school. Now that my issue has been solved and the operation resaerch is a core courese which i didnt do then because it was an elective course for us. Will my name be included in the graduation list.

  17. Hello i am a student of education faculty but the list of faculty of education graduants is not release I want to know my status

  18. Good day Mr gbenga.please is another batch of list coming out in faculty of social science mass communication? i finished since last year but my name is not on the list.

  19. Hello Mr gbenga, am a master student pcr ,I submitted my project around August and pass all neccessary course, should I be expecting my name In next graduation list

  20. Good day Mr Gbenga, pls my school documents have my name initials, I heard it could pose a problem to get my certificate, I finished last year and expecting my name for did convocation, pls how can I get dis rectified ?

  21. My name is Elizabeth Adetun. I have finished my programme but my name is not in the list. My mates graduated last year but my name was not threatening though we offered the same course. I registered for more this year. Old help me. Am in Entrepreneurship and business management

  22. Mr Gbenga when is graduating list for faculty of science be out?…..I have met the requirements of the faculty and my project result has been out since last year.

  23. NOUN Managements are still working on the list. . .
    More Graduation list would be released soon.

    Please exercise patience

  24. Good day, what is the faith of postgraduate students with less than 3 point CGPA that have finished 2016 and their names is not on the list, please are they to do please find out course some have even cover all course no any additional courses available.

  25. Good day Mr.Gbenga, thank you for the good job you are doing.
    Please I want to know the process how NOUN graduate students. I studied in Faculty of Education (M.Ed). All my results are ready(including project) as at the last time the school release result in November 2017.
    So I want to know what I should do to make sure my name comes out with the graduating list this year and will my name come out.
    Thank you

  26. Plz mr gbenga kindly enlighten me ve passed all my courses n submitted my project in Oct. I ve not paid my project fee will dt mke my name not to appear in d list seems ve not paid?

  27. Good morning Mr. Gbenga and compliments of the season. I am Mrs Comfort Mgbado of the schools of law, my name rightly appeared on the graduation list, but all my scores as pasted on the list are wrong, including the calculated CGPA. While I have on my portal a CGPA of 3.31, on the graduation list, it is 2.44. The same negative variation is also seen on my TCC and TCE.Please, what do I do?

  28. Pls can someone whose name didn’t appeare in the graduating list though have seen and passed all his results including project get his statement of result. If yes, how doI go about it. Thank you.

  29. Mr. Gbenga, you’re doing a very good job by responding positively to our worries. Thank you so much. My question is why is it taking so long for the noun management to release the list for faculty of science? We are all waiting, they should pls release the list as soon as possible. Thank you.

  30. With due respect sir,in our center there is one of our colleague who was not seen his project the center has send and re send his project several time but still he couldn’t get the result of the project.

  31. Good morning Mr.Gbenga
    Please I have an issue with the school, my name was step down for reason that I didn’t sit for a particular course which was an elective as the time I finished my course work but now is core course. I finished my course work in 2015 1st semester. Now the faculty didn’t approve my result.
    And I don’t have a proof, except in the hand the book that states in the introduction of the course that was anot elective.
    Please how can you help, do you know anybody who did masters in educational administration and planning or any body that did EDA855 (responsibility and accountability in education management )
    I have stayed too long if not for my project I should have gone since 2016

  32. Hello please, am a graduate of this institution. I hold B.Sc Accounting in January, 2017. Those that graduated before us had their NYSC Exemption/Exclusion certificates given to them. When is ours coming out? Thanks

  33. Good morning Mr gbenga. Thanks for being there for us, my name is ogunmola babatunde, matrix number nou110533259.i succefuly completed my project and submitted it in Nov 2016,uptill now the result has not been uploaded in my portal. I have consulted My study centre and those involved including my h o D(political science) and Dean. I am expecting my name in 2018 graduating list. I have 3.31 as GPA. Please how can you be of help.thanks

  34. Greetings, my name is Shakirat Shittu Adeniran with matric number NOU110611335. I succesfully completed and submited my project in december 2016, Up until now i havent seen the result of my project but all the other results were there, my CGPA is 3.56 and also my name havent appeared on the graduating list of faculty of social science department of political science. Kindly be of help Sir.

  35. Mr Gbenga thanks for your great efforts at responding to students enquiries from time to time. I was informed they have released more graduation list after you posted the above lists. Please kindly upload the new lists for Faculty of Sciences. Thanks

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