Why Some NOUN Students CGPA Dropped



First, let me explain what TCC, TCE, TGPE, CGPA means…

A: (TCC)Total Credit Carried
This means the total number of credit units of courses that you have written so far till date (both the ones the students passed and the ones he/she failed if any). It is the total credit unit of all attempted exams so far.

B: (TCE) Total Credits Earned
This is the total number of credit units of courses a student passed so far.


C: (TGPE)Total Grade point earned
This is the total grade points calculated by multiplying the unit of each course by the point of the grade you scored in them.
Here’s a sample result (course code, unit of the course and the score):

CIT101 (2units) A
MTH103 (3units) B
PHY101 (2units) D
MTH101 (3units) F
GST101 (0units) A

Total credits carried = 10
Total credits earned = 7
Total grade point earned = (2×5 + 3×4 + 2×2 + 3×0 + 0x5) = (10 + 12 + 4 + 0 + 0) = 26


D: Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
This is the total grade points earned divided by the total number of credits carried. In the above example, for instance, CGPA for such candidate will be calculated as 26/10=2.60

E: CGPA Classification
First Class (4.5 to 5.0)
Second Class upper (3.5 to 4.49)
Second Class lower (2.4 to 3.49)
Third Class (1.5 to 2.39)


Curious about why your CGPA dropped??
In the first night when the result was released, The school management used your Total Credit earned (TCE) divided by your TOTAL GRADE POINT EARNED (TGPE).
It seems this was erroneously done)

Upon review: The school management resolved to use
your Total credit carried (TCC) divided by your Total grade points earned (TGPE).

What you have on your portal now is your actual CGPA .

“Student should cross-check theirs and compute it. They will see how the changes are been made”.




  1. Good evening.
    Please, how can I drop a registered course and examination?
    I erroneously registered for CLL533 – Company Law and Business Association I instead of CLL534 – Company Law and Business Association II.
    Kindly assist, thanks.
    Proudly NOUNite!

  2. Good afternoon. Pls the recent result that was released, mine was not complete and including some of my course mates. And also the issues of news courses they are bring, bringing new courses for last semester. These whole is really confusing.

  3. I over paid and over loaded my wallet and this is my last semester. Is there anyway I can do wallet transfer or recover my money

  4. So what is the best caution in regards to ensuring a high CGPA as the results of Faculty of Education graduants this year looaks disappointing.

  5. Pls, am a PGD student and have submitted my project since July 2017 and have passed all my courses but I couldn’t find my name in the published list of people to convocate on 20th

  6. Hello Mr Gbenga, I don’t understand why my portal is not showing the button of TMA in my ‘Your Courses’. I wanted to attempt my TMA but cant access it. I don’t know if it is general issue or not.

    1. 1. Visit

      2. Click on student login

      3. Enter Login Details

      4. Click on submit

      5. Click on Your Courses

      6. Select Second Semester 2017

      7. Click on Submit

      8. Click on Proceed

      9. Click on 2017/2 Exams

      10. Click on Take TMA for each exam course registered.

      if you have any problem call/WhatsApp:-08117413104

  7. hello sir, there was a mistake in the graduating list. My maiden name was written instead of my husband’s surname and I did change of name in 2012. What do I do please?

  8. Have do my industrial training and I didn’t result and I complain in school they told me I we see it but up till now I don’t see it but I have the receipt of everything and log book photocopy with me what can I do this my second time of submitting and am a final year student

  9. Hello, please the CGPA that determines Ur graduation result is the summary of all Ur result during Ur program or it is base on semester.
    Thanks please i really need the answer

  10. After a Successful completion of 6 months industrial training and defence, I still can not see my result reflect on my portal. Is it that am having a missing result on a final year semester a compulsory course, i think this is not professional at all.

  11. Sir,for one to apply for PH.D in Nouns what are the requirements (particularly education) department?Good evening sir.

  12. Hello sir, I mistakenly registered a course and I went to ICT for dropping of the course i was told not available for now, please is there still chances for me to drop the course before the closure of registration? thanks.

  13. Good evening. Please I have reached my required credit unit for graduation. But I had a carry over in my final year exam which isa core course. Can I graduate or I will have to write it?

  14. Good morning Gbenga pls I have up to six 6 electives from 100 to 300lvl now am done with 400lv pls is the six elective OK to graduate and I want to know the number of credit unit passed to graduate.

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