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Remitta Payment Not Reflecting In Your Nouonline Student Portal? Do This

Here are the steps you should take if you pay NOUN school fees and is not reflecting on your portal.

How To Solve the Issues of NOUN Fee Payments Not Reflecting on the Noun Portal

1. Visit the Nouonline Portal website 

2. Login into your student portal account

Login to the Noun student portal as a returning student

3. Enter your Noun student login info – Matric no., password and Click ‘Submit’

Enter your student matric no and password to login into the Noun portal

4. At the Noun Studware, Click on ‘Manage Wallet’ and select ‘ Check wallet payments’

Click on Manage wallet at the Noun portal

Now, you should be at the wallet payment status page

5. Enter your Nou Student matric numberthe RRR generated code and Click ‘Check Wallet Payment’

Noun wallet payment status page at the studware

And this could be the case, saying This RRR not found.

This RRR not found causing Noun Payments not reflecting

Don’t panic, just return to the Noun site homepage =>

6. Click on ‘RRR Check’ to confirm your remita payment status

Click on RRR Check at the Nousite homepage

7. Enter your RRR generated code, Choose payment category(wallet funding in most cases) and Click on ‘Check’

How to Check Remita Payment Status of Noun Fee payments

Now, you should get a successful transaction message showing:

The Remita Reference Number Amount Paid
Transaction date
Category and
Order ID

Successful message to Resolving issues about Noun fee payments not reflecting on the student portal

Re-login and repeat the step 4 & 5
Instead of – This RRR not found, you’ll see something like payment record on table17a
Relogin to confirm now school fees payment as it has been successful


  1. hi i payed my school fees through the remita, bank option yesterday, but the fees are not reflecting on my portal, i have done all the neccessary procedures and even contacted remita, and the confirmed the payment but its still not reflecting

  2. Please I have been trying to log in after paying and trying to register courses but its been saying error or you are yet to register for this semester. Please help me.

  3. I am having issues loging into my portal. After registering , when I want to login it gave wrong password. And I used my correct password it is still giving the same thing. Is there any way I can reset or register, so as to be able to login.

  4. please i apply for noun form online and after i made payment through bank and my RRR was successful but the continue after payment page is showing Payment not yet effected. Please run Check RRR first and try again!.
    please what i do to resolve this issue because as at now, i have checked my RRR and its shows my transaction is successful with details and confirmation email sent to me through remita.

    1. Hello Damilola,


      at the homepage, you will see CHECK RRR

      click on it, a page will come up.

      type the RRR code there and click submit.

  5. please i apply for noun admission, after payment i was sent my unique id number, form number and my RRR was successful but the continue after payment page is showing the unique id has expired. what do i do?

      1. hello sir, i paid for noun undergraduate admission since last 10days and when i try to check my RRR on noun site is only showing in me No positive response yet from remita! please check again later.

  6. Hello sir, please i apply for undergraduate noun admission then i paid through REMITA and have been given RRR no. then to check my RRR No on NOUN site is only showing me NO POSITIVE RESPONSE YET FROM REMITA! PLEASE CHECK AGAIN LATER and have paid to remita since 10days ago.

  7. Hi,I saw that as a returning student I was asked to pay 35k for registration. After paying into my e-wallet I realized on 18k was deducted and I have only one course to run.How do I get a refund of the balance of 17k in my e-wallet..Tx

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