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How To Take GST TMA 2019

In a communique released to study centres, The management of National Open University of Nigeria discloses her new website for e-TMAS on GST courses.
Visit this link:

Check guides to navigate the site

NOTE: To login:

USER NAME (use your matric number e.g nou190000019 ) Lowercase or small letters

PASSWORD (use your matric number e.g nou190000019 ) Lowercase or small letters

“After a successful login, you will be prompted to change your password

A-enter your old password (i.e. your matric number)
B-enter your new password
C-confirm the new password
D-check to see that your email address, programme, study centre etc. have been entered correctly.If not, make the appropriate changes
E-click on save”

It was also stated that online facilitation will commence this semester on the following courses:

ALL GST COURSES, ARA181, ARA183, ARA281, ARA282,CRS313,CRS828,CRS316,CRS818,CRS215,CRS216,CRS819,CRS823,CIT445, CIT753,CIT499,CIT799,CIT899,BIO191,BIO192,CHM191, CHM192,PHY191,PHY192,CHM292,PHY291,ENG121,ENG122,ENG226,ENG14,ENG221,ENG222,ENG341,ENG421,ENG491,ENG414,ENG351,ENG355,ENG432,FRE111, FRE111, FRE231, FRE212,FRE391, FRE331.

These platform is also open to online FACILITATION for the following departments :

a) Criminology and Security Studies
b) Computer Science
c) Entreprenuership Studies
d) Mass Communication
e) Peace and Conflict Resolution

(These departments will be able to access summary POWER POINT slides their course materials in the online portal)

The school management further assured more courses will be added in due time.



  1. Am having difficulty with my password and username, am told that my password and username are incorrect. what can I do?

  2. I have logged in successfully to do my Tma on GST302 (Business creation and growth) but the Questions are not available. Please what is the problem?
    Also, Please how can I solve this problem :
    The tma sent for me on ENG341(phonology of English) is not relevant with the course at all.

  3. Good afternoon,
    This is getting serious please we are unable to do the GST help us to provide the right and correct site to use. This is getting out of hand ooooo. Pls. Just help us.

  4. Good day sir, the GST TMAs1 could not still be accessed through the new website announced sir and GST TMAs1 are not still available on my student profile. What is the way out sir?

  5. The site is bringing This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.
    ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE when to login to gst portal

  6. I’m unable to access one of my tma’s (gst 103). I tried to join the conversation forum but I’m not able to, that I don’t belong to any group so I can not join the conversation. I have called the phone numbers displayed on the tma portal but not reachable and I have sent a mail too but was told to call the same phone numbers. Please, what can I do?

  7. Hello, Pls what is the latest information on TMA for Gst302 (Business creation and growth) .No question was uploaded for TMA1 but it was closed. Even TMA2 is not yet ready. However, many are saying it is general problem. Won’t there be solution to the problem.

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